LASERIUM is bringing a New Era of Live Laser Entertainment to Theaters and Domes!
LASERIUM is Music for Your Eyes!


LASERIUM live laser concerts have thrilled audiences for over 45 years.

It all started with Ivan Dryer. Convinced that one had to experience laser light live; Ivan founded Laser Images in Van Nuys, California. He gathered together a group of clever optical, mechanical, and electrical engineers and artists who, in the next two years, crafted an advanced laser projector and choreographed the original Laserium show that debuted at the Griffith Observatory, in Los Angeles, on November 19, 1973. 20 million viewers later, Laserium continues to create laser concerts that define the best the medium can offer.

It is safe to say: Ivan Dryer changed the world of entertainment forever.


Tim Ziegenbein, founder of Lumalaser - has become the inspiration behind the new era of Laserium®

The original laser concerts are back and more dazzling and entertaining than ever, creating laser experiences for new generations of audiences!

Tim’s team has restored and renovated Laserium’s 45 years of laser display innovations, and the LIVE laser show creation that is completely unique to Laserium.

Tim, and his team of award-winning laserists, technicians and engineers, are creating world class laser shows useing cutting-edge laser systems to create amazing shows and events world-wide.


LASERIUM's projected laser entertainment is still light years ahead of its time.

Immersive laser experiences are especially thrilling in the new era of planetaria and theaters that surround viewers with curved, or huge, screens that lift people out of the ordinary world and into a universe of surprising impact.

Experience the new LASERIUM projection systems, and live performances, as new technologies are introduced that show how amazing laser light can be in person.

The future is built on the past

Our Team

Laserium is available for Corporate and Special Events at your venue or location, and for movie, TV and music-video special effects.


Ivan Dryer

Founder LASERIUM Inspiration


Tim Ziegenbein

Technical Director LASERIUM All things Business and Analogue

Cory Simpson

Creative Director LASERIUM Show design and Programing

Scott Anderson

Business Dev LASERIUM Bringing LASERIUM back to the world

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