Laserium Performances

Laser Vistion

Laser Visions

Experience Laserium's most innovative laser concert, featuring brilliant and eye-popping laser effects, Laser Visions is an adventurous music and light journey into the cosmos of your imagination.


Now & Then

Experience over 20 years of Pink Floyd's Music through laser light. Updated for a new generation to enjoy. Bringing the past and future together in one breathtaking show!
Men's Ministry


MoonRock was the first laser show to incorporate complex "3D" computer graphics. This is the culmination of five years of intense development work. Repersenting the greatest single advance for LASERIUM!

Women's Ministry

Pink floyd

Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is the premiere laser concert experience for Laserium fans worldwide, seen by over 10 million people. NOW newly energized with layers of spectacular new laser and special FX. See the music! Experience Laserium!