Laserium is an experience beyond expectation.


Laserium is available for Corporate and Special Events at your venue or location, and for movie, TV and music-video special effects.

Laserium’s unique one-of-a-kind experiences are like nothing on earth. Experiences that free your imagination.

Laserium invented laser entertainment with such craft that a new art-form was created that became immediately popular around the world. Laserium became the world’s first popular live laser concerts, spawning thousands of imitations, but the quality of the experience is rarely duplicated.

Laserium is live! Laserists play with light, performing live laser visuals to music. Laserists add their passion and creativity to create unique experiences in every laser concert. Laserium features hundreds of original laser projections you will see nowhere else. Optical effects using pure laser-light are like nothing on Earth, breathtaking projections that are indescribably beautiful.

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