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Zodiacal Light

Introduction: Echoes Of Ancient Battles

Aries: Toccata
Mannheim Steamroller

Taurus: One Night In Vienna
Schonherz & Scott

Gemini: On The Road
Dan Siegel

Cancer: Silhouette
Kenny G

Leo: Sirius / Eye In The Sky
The Alan Parsons Project

Virgo: The Velocity Of Love
Suzanne Ciani

Libra: Valley In The Clouds
David Arkenstone

Scorpius: Steam Forest
Andreas Vollenweider

Sagittarius: Solar Wind

Capricornus: Desert Rain
David Lanz & Paul Speer

Aquarius: In Your Eyes
Peter Gabriel

Pisces: Optical Race
Tangerine Dream

Narrator: Roger Dressler

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